Real Estate Courses: Why and Where to Study

The real estate market is becoming more competitive with buyers, sellers and developers of property increasingly looking to the professionals (including property sales, marketing and leasing professionals) and advisors they deal with to give them expert information and advice on the many factors that influence the desirability and value of individual properties. This requires people wanting to enter the property profession to embark on a specialized course of study in this area to improve their knowledge and the service that they can offer. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy clients seek out people who have expert knowledge as indicated by qualifications gained from leading institutes.

Since there is dearth of knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the Indian property market and demand for such professionals is increasing day by day as can be seen from advertisements for realestate jobs and calls for executive search agencies, it is the right time to study real estate courses to start making career and money both.

In fact, studying a course for this sector offers many rewards. Being able to assist property developers market world-class properties and individuals to sell, purchase, rent and lease property requires a commitment to deliver exceptional knowledge and customer service orientation.

But, there is an obstacle in the way-Lack of specialized real estate institutes in India makes it difficult for fresh students and professionals who want to study specialized real estate courses in order to start their career in this field. However, institutes like NIREM ( IDS National Institute of Real Estate Management), EduMark ( a vocational education and training organization specialized in property and allied sectors), NICMAR (National Institute of Construction Management & Research) etc. are doing good job.

As mentioned above, in the Indian property market, clients look for professionals with specialized skills, EduMark has started job oriented courses meeting this requirement of clients and employers. An aspect of EduMark courses that needs to be appreciated is its focus on job oriented courses where in exactly those skills of course participants are enhanced which are required by the employers and clients in the Indian market e.g. EduMark’s course in property sales is highly practical, meeting the exact skill requirements of clients and employers. This course is offered as a combination of class room teaching and on-the-job training. Not surprisingly, property developers, consultants and marketing agencies place requests for recruitment of successful participants of this property sales course, much in advance.

While EduMark focuses on skill development for property jobs and job oriented realty courses, NIREM focuses on comprehensive knowledge, for example NIREM’s course like real estate management, commercial real estate, property investment, appraisal etc are comprehensive in application yet example-based, making it easy for students and professionals to understand and practice. Most of the students of NIREM are professionals working in this field at various levels.

NICMAR, on the other hand, offers mainly construction focused courses. It offers a range of courses in construction, covering all most all areas of construction including commercial and technical areas. It also offers a realty course but is more suitable if you are interested in jobs with construction companies.

Finally, real estate offers a great career opportunity today. Though, there is a general lack of specialized real estate institutes in India, there are few institutes such as EduMark, NIREM, NICMAR etc which are able to meet the immediate needs.